Blue participants are now trying to get as comfortable comfortable as they can sitting in their boats.

They have paddled once or twice before but they are keen to play lots of games on the water, go for exploratory paddles and practice splashing all the while picking up a the skills needed to controlling their slalom boats.

Participants will be enrolled for 1 session a week. With rolling session being an additional encouraged session but is not included in fees

Equipment will be supplied


  • Willing to get wet

  • A desire to learn how to control the boat

Weekly Schedule

1 session a week, developing key strokes and having fun on the water.

Technical Objectives

The technical objectives for this term are:

  • Get into and out of, boat and equipment unassisted

  • Empty a boat with assistance

  • Perform an arcing/J stroke

  • Know how to adjust the foot pegs in a boat

  • Paddle straight for 100m

  • Attempt an Eskimo roll on flat water

  • Can remember and repeat courses

  • Ability to intentially lean the boat/ 'edge'

Safety knowledge

  • Complete a wet exit

  • Know how to T rescue

  • Never put on deck with pull tag tucked in

  • Know who to alert if someone else is in trouble

Blue Weekly Session Plans