Thanks for accepting to coach and give your knowledge back to the next generation of paddlers

Role Requirements

Please note as the club coach is changing it is the new coaches right to take as much of the coaching positions as is possible. Hence, it is possible that your roles may change and the club coach may take your coaching sessions. They will let you know. 

While you are coaching you will need to be

To accept the role please ensure the club coach has the following documents

How to get Paid

To get paid you must fill out an invoice using the template below. The invoice must then be emailed to the treasurer. This is done at the end of every month of coaching work, or alternatively at the end of term. 

Club Coach 

The information to edit this website and all the information on it is on a google account. Each term the links will have to be adjusted, which may take some time. The Role of club coach should fulfil these requirements.

Lesson plans

This would entail having a list of goals for each session for each group and possible example lesson plans. The plans can then be used by the coaches to continue lessons. The plans can be used by marketers to help parents know what the course involves. The plans can be used by the kids to help achieve their goals and tick off the requirements for the next group. It would help the club coach a lot to get the coaches to help create these. 

Coach schedule 

Hiring coaches for each term to take particular groups will help the athletes keep a consistency as well as the coaches knowing where their athletes are at. 

Report Cards

At the end of a term the kids should have something solid that they can see that they have achieved. If they can see that they have ticked off certain skills and have comments from a coach then they maybe more likely to continue. Other coaches can use the report cards to understand the ability of the kids. The report cards could contribute to entry onto certain teams. 

Organise trips. 

There are many great places around NSW where there are various grades of whitewater. The shoalhaven, childowla and even sites along the nepean if the water is flowing. Trips would be organised twice a year where enough coaches and paddlers could attended. 

Come & Try days 

Bringing more people into the club with come and try days requires advertisement, equipment sourcing and people. Setting a venue and date, making and distributing advertisements organizing people to help out on the day and getting enough boats for people to try as well as recording all their details for later promotions would be the key requirements 

Facilitating coaching qualifications 

All clubs need coaches and helping others achieve their coaching qualifications would help the club grow. This would mean liaising with paddle Australia and helping the kids achieve instructor and coach status. 

Testing to align with national standards. 

Being able to compare the paddlers with paddlers all around the state is important. Coordinating with Mike Druce as well as other hub coaches around the country would allow a set of standard tests to be run and kids be able to compare their abilities. Making the results public where kids from all over the state could see it and compare to others would also facilitate a national community.  


Coaching themselves would also help save the club money if they are already paid a certain number of hours per week. With a maximum of 7 hours that could be coached every week