PVC Slalom COVID-19 Guidelines

1. Arrive, paddle, leave. Don’t spend time with others getting changed and collecting gear. Bring your gear to and from paddling and change before arriving if possible.

2. Do not share equipment. Club equipment may be loaned from the club, but you must take the gear for the remainder of the term until the club determines it is safe to return.

3. Limit paddlers on the water. A maximum of 10 paddlers can paddle together in groups on the water. If areas are crowded, it is your responsibility to keep a safe distance away.

4. Maintain 1.5m distancing. While on the water, remain 1.5m away from other paddlers at all times.

5. Racing for juniors suspended until July 1st at the earliest. Senior races are suspended indefinitely.

6. Maintain good hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be available at all PVC-organised sessions.

7. Report your health. Each paddler should check their temperature and symptoms before paddling. If you are unwell, symptomatic, have a fever, have returned from outside Australia within the last 14 days, or have been exposed to anyone that has Covid-19 in the last 14 days you should not attend training and should seek medical advice. This should be reported to PVC through the online wellness survey and/or directly emailing the slalom academy (slalom.academy@gmail.com).

8. Paddle sensibly. Always paddle with at least one other person and do not attempt paddling rapids above your skill level as we want to avoid close-contact rescues at all costs. This especially applies to the Devlin’s Road site, where junior paddlers must paddle to and from the course in groups accompanied by a coach.

9. Coaches must keep records. Coaches will maintain the online coaching log for every session, noting the people who paddled.

10. Comply with PWS rules. These guidelines are for PVC sessions on the river. PWS may have additional rules in place which must be observed, as well as our rules.