The Green group or our moving water program, looks to introducing paddlers to moving water and eventually whitewater.

By the end of the term it is our hope that the group is capable of paddling basic w.w, live rolling and ultimately gaining confidence on the moving water.

To achieve this the green group will be exposed to a wide range of training sites with week 1 starting on flat water and week 9 ending on rapids. While we might see some slips and spills its our goal that by the end we spend more time out of the water then in it.

This is a pathway group from our blue group to our yellow group where canoe slalom becomes the focus of our training.

The Green group is one session a week but are encouraged to attend rolling sessions (not included in term fees)

(Equipment will be supplied)


  • Willing to get wet

  • A desire to learn to conquer the rapids

Weekly Schedule

1 to 2 sessions a week and getting confident rolling and ready to take on the white water.

Term Objectives

The objectives for this term are:

  • Ferry glide

  • Break into and out of an eddies

  • Completed Eskimo roll on flat water (live)

  • Introduction into 'edges of a boat'/intentional balancing

  • Can do upstream (flat water) with a draw

  • Attempt Eskimo roll on white water

  • Has done at least one flat water race

  • Understand basic w.w safety (feet up, using a throw rope)

Green Sessions