Nepean Series Standings

Overall Standings

How the standings & points work

This year there are numerous points based competitions ongoing through out the series including;

  • Junior/U18 (C1M, K1W, K1M & C1W)

  • Open/Overall (C1M, K1W, K1M & C1W)

  • Cross Category Handicap

Each competitor that competes at a race will be ranked from their results and be awarded the corresponding points. These points will then be combined at the conclusion of the last race of the series, with the paddler with the greatest total points being awarded the winner. However to allow for athletes who missed races to remain competitive this will be a best 3/5 results, with athletes worst results being excluded. The tie-breaker will be an athletes total points from 4/5 races and 5/5 races if required.


Points allocated are:

1st 55 points

2nd 50 points

3rd 49 points

4th 48 points


50th 1 point

DNF/DSQ will still be ranked

DNS 0 points


The handicap competition will be a cross class and cross age-group competition. This is achievable through the use of individual handicap multipliers (being calculated from the previous race) being applied to all competitors times at the conclusion of the new race. These multipliers are calculated by;

  • Dividing the participants best previous race time by the fastest time of the previous race.

  • Averaging this percent with previous handicap

  • Multiplying this value against the participants new fastest time.

This method allows participants times to be reduced by the custom percentage to effectively level the playing field. This method favors those that improve the most between races and those that can remain clean.

These multipliers/percentages will be calculated and posted upon the conclusion of each race. No points will be awarded for an athletes first race, as no handicap can be applied.