Our 'Red' group is our most advanced group targeting canoe slalom focused athletes, the group is focused towards athletes that are looking to find the marginal gains in there racing.

We have created this group to assist in filling the void that has been left for those that are not typically members of national squads/teams and as such are not having their needs for training and coaching met.

The group is focused on achieving and replicating the latest skills demonstrated by the national and international athletes to be the best racers they can be.

Red has 4 academy sessions a week but are expected to maximize rec sessions where available (as such where possible session will move onto w.w)


  • Focus on Canoe slalom

  • Athletes own their own personal equipment

  • Competent Grade III whitewater skills (including ability to roll) & ability to utilize whitewater features

  • Aware of fitness demands involved

  • Professional standards adopted (arriving on time/warmed up/etc..)

  • Athlete takes responsibility rather then parent(s)