The Yellow group aims to be getting comfortable on grade III whitewater and learning how to incorporate the basics of canoe slalom.

By the end of yellow group they should be able to paddle down the whole 2000 Olympic course completing basic slalom courses. Here we also being to learn how to utilize whitewater features such as "stoppers/holes" and "waves" to navigate the river and our slalom courses. By the end of the yellow group athletes should be able to move to orange group

The Yellow group is two sessions a week but are encouraged to attend rolling sessions (not included in term fees). Recreation passes for Penrith Whitewater stadium is also not included.


  • Understand how to self rescue (push boat to side and empty)

  • Ability to live roll moving water

  • Rapid sprint grade III (paddle down the rapid) with minimal 'eddie' hopping

  • Own Equipment provided

Weekly Aims:

3 to 4 sessions per week with a strong focus on white water confidence.

Term Outcomes

Technical Objectives:

  • Happy surfing a wave/stopper

  • Live roll on white water

  • Know the components of a wave/stopper

  • Breaking into eddies at desired heights

  • Can do easy staggers and upstream on moving water

  • Can do a hand roll on flat water

  • Basic crossings using stoppers and waves

Yellow Session plans